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Xroller: The Innovative Portable Abdominal Wheel

Xroller Rotatable Abdominal Wheel is a workout equipment that is safe, easy to store, and rotatable. This compact and fat-burning-exercise equipment is convenient and allows you to bring it everywhere with you. You can work out from the comfort of your home, in the gym, or at your workplace. This versatile exercise equipment would keep you lean, active, and healthy.

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Rotatable To 90°

The handle and the wheels are rotatable to 90° that allows motion flexibility and more stability. This compact design makes it convenient to exercise anywhere and anytime. Xroller could also fit into your backpack, gym bag or luggage

A and B Wheel Design

In order to ensure the safety of its use, Xroller Rotatable Abdominal Wheel adopts AB wheel design. The small front wheel has little resistance during operation, and the rear wheel is big to stabilize the center of gravity, just like the rocket flight. It doesn't take any effort to exercise.

AB Wheel Roller
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Streamline Design

The amazing thing about Xroller Rotatable Abdominal Wheel is its cool design. The hand held handle could recreate the experience as if you’re riding on a cool bike while working out on your core. Working out has never been so fun

Firm Structure

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non-slip handle
ergonomic design
brake pad
anti-skid wheel

Multiple Training Methods

Our Partner

Color Idea

ABS Workout Machine
Portable ABS Roller
AB Exercise Wheel

Upgrate Version: Xroller 2.0

Upgrate Version: Xroller 2.0 AB Wheel Roller

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